Hi, I’m Giulio

🤠 Workshopper

✏️ Learning designer

🙌 Facilitator

👋 Welcome

I’m so happy to have you here! My purpose is to design and facilitate learning experiences through play, reflection and sharing. I support people and companies in activating discovery and change processes.

To start a conversation or ask for a collaboration drop me a line💌

What I do👇️

🤠 Workshops

It means creating meaningful and engaging experiences in which participants feel comfortable and inspired to achieve their goals. As a web developer and project manager, I have experienced firsthand the frustrations and stress of a bad work environment: boring meetings, ineffective communication, unfulfilled schedules.

I think that our time together can and should be valuable, working with satisfaction and more effectively: whether it is the kickoff of a project, redesigning the company organization or, simply, rethinking a meeting.

If you like, we could spend a couple of hours discovering group dynamics with the Empathy Toy or the Failure Toy, or spend 5 intense days experimenting with the Design Sprint together.

✏️ Learning Design

I design activities that have learning and discovery as their goal. In the educational field I’ve been a designer for hackathons, digital summer camps and after-school for children from 5 to 20 years old. As a consultant I supported innovative startups and European projects. As a lecturer I have taught courses for teachers, professionals and university students.

I think we learn better through experiences that allow us to imagine, build, play, share and reflect as well represented in the creative learning framework. This perspective guides me in the design of activities in which the participants work on meaningful projects, drived by their passions and collaborating together in a playful and experimental environment. I do it mainly with the Unicorni Team 🦄.

🙌 Facilitation

I support a group of people in think at their best while they are together. Bringing out creative ideas, being able to reflect, making decisions are difficult and sometimes frustrating activities. My job is to encourage participation and mutual understanding, taking care of people and making the learning process visible.

For companies I have facilitated processes related to agile development and internal reorganization, while in participatory driven processes I have supported citizens, associations and public administration to dialogue and create together.

✍️ Some notes

Mainly (in italian) on my profersional blog or on medium: