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Thing 13: Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox

Google Docs

Got it! I use a lot Google Docs, instead of Evernote, if I’m on other’s pc or devices and must store a lot of information to check later.
It’s really useful also for sharing and create documents for a group. I used it, for example, to keep updated the radio schedule at university radio, to plan group trip or to work on document translations. When Google Wave made its appearance we tested it a couple of times, it seemed like google docs but with more integration with other sharing tools.
I’m very sourprised whenever I find someone who doesn’t know google docs.


I knew it but registered only a month ago to share docs with some friends who use it. (Shame on me, cause another friend of mine ask me for registration two years ago to increase his available space…).
As for every tool, it depends on with whom you use and for what purpose. Until now Google Docs was enough, and if I had to share something more heavier I used some FTP account of sites I manage.
However, I know Dropbox is a good way to mantain an online repository. I’m just a little bit scared about synchronization, because I’m very messy. Until one year ago I used to have only one pc, now the devices are grown and I must find the time to make order.
P.S. dropbox for linux is easier on GNOME, but it works also on KDE.


I always find wiki syntax annoying. Maybe because I speak HTML, or because every wiki engine differs from the others. However, wiki concept and use is very helpful. I contributed very little to Wikipedia, but plan to add some contribution in the early future.
I suggest the following LIS wikis:

Also, I’ve studied “wikis”, because TRAC (our project tracking system) use it, and also I developed our ILS user manual with dokuwiki.
P.s. coff coff…nobody from our librarian customers contribute to the ILS manual….coff coff….until now…coff coff…who know the future….

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