Let's go 23 Things for Professional Development!


Thing 1: Create your own blog, write about what you hope to get out of the programme.

Luckily I follow Enrico Francese’s Mind Matters, so discovered this great project just in time for the first lesson.

Until yesterday night I didn’t know anything about "23 things something…", but, after reading the program, I ended up thinking "hey! this is the right way to regularly update your blog, learning something new and spreading it".

I’ve translated my presentation at about.me, so now you (english speaking people from the outer space) knows who I am. I’ve started blogging a lot of time ago, first only for personal purposes, then to stay in touch with friends losts in the world and, finally last year, open this blog to (try to) improve italian discussions about library automation. Sadly, I never realized how hard is to keep updated this space, when I have a lots more to learn (and work).

By the way,  there’s cpd23, let’s get on the train and seize the day.  I’m waiting for things: 7-8-9-14-16-17-18-19 🙂 but also interested to join the network (what? how many partecipants?!?! 414?!?! toooo muuuuchhh peopleeee….who I may know???? argh! ok, no panic! is the next Thing! now I’m on the first…so…no panic! tomorrow homeworks..)

I’m not sure about the language to use. I don’t know who usually read this pages (ok, my stats says "don’t worry, only 4 or 5 people in the known universe), but for the aim of this blog I think it’s better to use italian (and to preserve you, english speaking people from the outer space, from the worst macaroni english you may ever read in your life). Anyway! ‘cause I must improve my english and network too (even though free wordpress.com try to prevent me from multilanguage posting), I’ll try to write something in english (or provide quick link to google translate :P).

P.S. and finally I’ve reverted to english my blog tagline, that make more sense…

Torna in alto